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I kept a foot in the door. I’m happy to do what I am doing and hopefully, I will do more. The brand also practices a peaceful process where they use only open-ended pierced cocoons without harming the worm inside.. The 59-year-old Hyderabad-based designer entered the world of designing by accident and today, it is home for the designer, producer and marketer of Ereena brand. "When I would meet the weavers, I would ask them a lot of questions, that’s how I learnt more about the fabrics," she saysHer label Ereena exclusively works with Eri Silk, a fabric she discovered by accident. For instance, I was educated and had a business degree when I was 24 but I had to focus on my children, ageing in-laws, my parents who were sick and the entire family. It left me wondering how can a fabric be intelligent," she says and adds, "That was the beginning of my search to find an intelligent fabric.A self-made designer who learnt on the job, Jyoti credits the weavers and traders for her knowledge.

They always have so many responsibilities.The second day of the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2019 was dedicated to Sustainable Fashion and out of the talented bunch of designers, Jyoti Reddy’s collection Bhoomi Bhoomi stood out with her Eri Silk collection.While others in the industry have experience of running their brands for decades, Jyoti’s label is only five years old and she is 59 but none of the numbers restrict her from chasing her dream. For them, we need a culture where we don’t damage the system anymore. The whole point of my collection came from there - people need to be conscious of our environment and make choices that do no harm to the already fragile ecosystem. But, I still kept my interest alive."Jyoti was drawn to the sustainability of the fabric and was inspired by her grandson to create this collection. I have learnt over the years and it’s not like Im doing everything suddenly. Whenever life brought challenges, I focused on that aspect for that time but never shut the door for my work and then, when I had time, I focused more on my work. And, I’m still learning," recalls Jyoti who also possess a business degree from the US. It is for the future generation," she adds. "My whole collection Bhoomi Bhoomi actually was inspired by my grandson. "I think age should never matter to women. I’m very confident about the brand and my capabilities," says Jyoti who once had to take a backseat in her career to take care of the family."Even though Jyoti is new to the fashion industry, she has been working around textiles for the past two decades.Talking about her experience at Lakme Fashion Week, Jyoti says, "It was my first time at the Lakme Fashion Week and it felt quite amazing. From there, I graduated into fabrics and China Nylon Polyester stretch Factory garments and then over the years, I learnt by sitting with people who work with textiles. I think there is never really a right time, we have to balance family and work," she concludes. I decided to do something locally with silk and it is in this connection that I met a textile technologist from Asaam who introduced me to ‘Eri’. "I started a shoe shop. Offering fabrics and accessories made from the rare ‘Eri’ silk, her brand specialises in providing environmental-friendly and isothermal products that keep one cool in summers and warm in winters."While working with people in the industry, I went for several exhibitions abroad and in one such exhibition, a textile agent told me that I need to find an intelligent fabric."I dont feel old, I think the fashion guides me and I’m not afraid of age. I think it’s a very good platform to let people know what we do and the exposure that we’ll get from this show, I am hoping, will take the brand to a different level. This was like two decades ago and I didn’t need to look anywhere else ever since

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Several indigenous textile crafts of India are facing the threat of extinction if untouched. The minister’s campaign which endorses this sector will hopefully serve as a torch to ignite an urgent interest in promoting the livelihoods of the artisanal sector as a whole." Senior designer Madhu Jain, on the other hand, is all praises for the minister: "I think our textiles minister Smriti Irani’s social media campaign is nothing short of brilliant! By using popular media, she is bringing handloom textiles into the national consciousness. Fast fashion culture emphasises quantity more than quality.The rhythmic clatter of handlooms is making some enchanting noises on social media platforms vis–à–vis the newly minted textile minister Smriti Irani (who is back and how) and her social media campaign China Polyester Stretch Fabric ManufacturersIWearHandloom ahead of the first anniversary of National Handloom Day (August 7). There’s a lot of effort pouring in from Indian fashion designers, FDCI, NGOs and textile ministry to protect and uplift handlooms. She asserts that handloom is the need of the hour: "It feels great to see that something I have always believed in has now become a national movement. I’m confident that the honourable minister will walk the extra mile to take her campaign further in actively supporting the handlooms industry and changing the fortunes of craftspeople. There’s no bigger loss to the industry than the loss of these highly skilled weavers who form the very backbone of the textile industry that makes up around 12% of India’s export revenue. The evolution of handlooms has not only helped magnify the reach of the design repertoire of our country but has brought about so many innovations that are not only refreshing but also awe-inspiring! It’s incredible how these handlooms and handwoven textiles have transcended time and technological changes and continue to be as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago. The trending hashtag #IWearHandlooms is a small but significant step forward. I worked on that line with my master weavers from Andhra Pradesh for a couple of years, innovating and blending two different weaving traditions into a composite whole. My labour of love seems to be paying off.

What’s not to love!" Dongre completely agrees and concludes, "I truly admire how designers have made handloom chic. "For someone who has sported fast fashion all her life (including Bangkok steals priced at pittance) and felt great about it too, it’s a pity I didn’t discover Indian handlooms sooner," rues Shruti, adding, "I would not have worn anything else! Ever! I am excited because it promotes Indian heritage textiles and there is so much of it that I’m not sure I’m going to be able to wear all of it in one lifetime. Pants, jackets, skirts, brogues in ikat, Benarasi brocade, bagh, block prints, kotpad, patola, kalamkari, the list goes on." Designer Anita Dongre agrees. Investing in handlooms not only underlines your support for heritage craft techniques but also adds artisanal taste to your personality. In fact this bold experimentation with textiles is a reflection of the essence of our culture where we straddle both the traditional and the modern worlds. The fast-fashion culture right now is teaching our generation to buy twenty different trends for the same season and ten newer trends for the next season. Through her campaign, the subtext is clear: Be proud of India’s heritage. Handloom comes in great silhouettes and contemporary styles now.55 crore with 2. This movement will give a better future to the textile industry." Ask her about her thoughts on what the campaign is going to do for the handloom industry and she says, "Unfortunately, the Indian handlooms industry is an endangered one. Be unafraid to wear (literally and metaphorically) your pride in our rich legacy on your sleeve. It’s the textile of today and the youth is surely embracing it.17 crore impressions of the tag — #iwearhandloom. We don’t need to stock our wardrobe with that many run-of-the-mill products. By encouraging citizens to participate in this campaign, she has catapulted the handlooms industry onto India’s centre stage. The movement according to the minister’s # office, made over 51 lakh impressions with over 58,000 interactions on Facebook in less than 24 hours. It is in desperate need of a boost, especially in the wake of markets leaning towards synthetic, man-made textiles.". The major threat that the craft faces today is the high job dropout rate of weavers due to inadequate wages. Interacting with the weavers in person and experiencing the craft from ground zero opened me up to the world of handlooms. Besides witnessing spellbinding responses from the fashion fraternity, brands and NGOs, it is also helping in enabling or initiating a conversation with well-heeled audiences across India and abroad towards promoting handlooms that evoke and provoke a holistic, sustainable lifestyle. Handloom is the need of the hour to save a dying art and to create employment in rural India. This is probably the first time that Indians from all walks of life lent their voice in support of craft and poor weavers. Sharing his personal experience of interacting with weavers and in which light he looks at the campaign, one of the top fashion bloggers and trend watchers in the country, Purushu Arie puts forth, "I got an opportunity to document the Jamdani and Kim-Khab brocades of Benaras a few years ago. On a more personal level, I was overwhelmed to see that the picture Irani posted to kick start the campaign also included Maneka Gandhi who is sporting an Uzbekistan-inspired Madhu Jain Ikat handloom outfit. On Twitter, the campaign has reached more than 1. What helps the H&M generation is the fact that we’ve brought handloom with fabulous innovations and techniques into the western silhouette." Besides designers, a lot of youngsters like Shruti Kothari Tomar, a freelance writer by profession, have taken an instant liking to the movement

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The former RJD MP was escorted out of Beur central jail in Patna and was taken to Rajendra Nagar railway station where he boarded the Sampoorna Kranti express to Delhi..Efforts were taken to keep the entire operation a secret while shifting him from Siwan to Tihar via Patna in order to avoid a repetition of the September 10, 2016, episode where his supporters had created a ruckus after he was released on bail from the Bhagalpur central jail.According to sources, around 30 state police and special task force (STF) personnel were deployed in the sleeper coach to ensure the security of Shahabuddin.Patna: Amid tight security, gangster-turned-poitician Mohammad Shahabuddin was shifted to New Delhi where he would be lodged in the Tihar central jail in accordance with the directions of the Supreme Court. A special court in 2015 had convicted Shahabuddin in the acid bath case.Shahabuddin, locally known as Saheb or Bahubali, had been convicted in seven cases and has around 38 more cases pending against him.Sources said more than a dozen SUVs carrying his supporters were also detained near Nayagaon in Saran district early on Saturday morning while they were following the police van carrying Shahabuddin.Shahabuddin is also facing trial in connection with the murder of Rajiv Roshan, the High Quality Rugs third son of Siwan-based businessman Chandrakeshwar Prasad. Ms Ranjan, in her petition, had stated that with Shahabuddin lodged in a Bihar jail, a free and fair trial was not possible as his goons may influence witnesses.Rajiv Roshan was murdered in June 2014, barely three days before he was to appear before the court to testify against Shahabuddin and his henchmen. Roshan was the only eyewitness in the acid bath case in which his two brothers were brutally killed.Hearing the petition of Asha Ranjan, wife of slain journalist Rajdeo Ranjan, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the shifting of Shahabuddin from Siwan to Tihar jail. Shahabuddin is accused in the murder of Rajdeo Ranjan, which took place in May 2016.“Directives of the Supreme Court were strictly followed and no special treatment was given to Shahabuddin,” a senior police officer escorting him to the railway station said on Saturday.The process to shift Shahabuddin from Siwan jail to Tihar jail began late Friday night with an STF team, along with top district administrators, monitoring the entire operation

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So, it’s a great fabric for sportswear where sweat is a major concern. The bio agent Bamboo kun in the fibre keeps bacteria away. In order to be made into fabric, the bamboo is taken out of the stalk, mixed into solution and then spun into yarn.Due to its high absorbency, it has a great colour outcome and fastness. It’s true diversity.Once you discover the fabric, you will want all your clothes to be made out of that soft material. Great for active wear, maternity wear, inner wear, casual T-shirt’s and shorts. Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, says, "I haven’t had much experience with it but I have heard from people who say that the fabric is really soft, anti-bacterial and keeps you fresh and is eco-friendly too.This outfit by Anita Dongre is just what you need for a day out!It is extremely popular for its special features of moisture absorption and its anti-bacterial properties. The ultra violet nature of the fibre has also made it popular especially in summers and amongst children and pregnant ladies.Soumen Biswas based out of China, the owner of GC APPARELS PTE, has great knowledge about fabrics, fashion and the retail market across the globe.The fabric in its current form is limited to comfort wear. When everyone in the world is talking about sustainable fashion and ways to "save the planet", bamboo fabric is emerging as a winner. When you think of the enormous quantity of water we use to make cotton, bamboo looks like a wonder material by comparison". The prediction is that this will be the rage in the future. The real brightness of each colour can be achieved in bamboo fabric. He says, "Bamboo fabric is wrinkle resistant, moist absorbent and having natural odor free properties.—The writer helms a fashion brand with international elements, and walks the talk when it comes to runway rousing!. He believes it’s a much softer and absorbent fabric than cotton and consumes less natural resources than cotton to grow. Bamboo fabric can take sustainable fashion to a new level while adding few extra notches of comfort for the users. As per some research fashion/apparels is the second most polluting industry."Ritwik Ghosh of VRX Sports, who is based out of China and Singapore has used bamboo fabric extensively and visited few companies manufacturing bamboo fabric products. It keeps you cool in summers and heather effect stretch fabric Factory warm in winters. In India designers like Anita Dogre and Madhu Jain have already started experimenting with this fabric and their designer collections have made an impact . Currently though, there are not many manufacturers and not many production houses in the game as yet and we believe, it has huge scope to evolve and grow. It can be dyed with organic dyes. Fashion Network recently wrote about Etro’s beautiful eco friendly bamboo fashion where the gorgeous Kean Etro from Milan says, "The thing about bamboo is that it grows everywhere, it’s invasive.The challenge for bamboo fabric to come to mainstream are two folds — firstly lack of knowledge and awareness, secondly because of the fabric’s ultra softness it has always being positioned in the comfort category.Jewellery designer and fashionista. Thus, Ritwik believes that as the industry collectively moves towards sustainable fashion, there will be some innovation in fabric technology which will enable designers to create fabric which will retain the natural goodness of bamboo and make the fibre strong enough to create different fashionable garments.The latest in the news and spreading its eco friendly tenets is the bamboo fabric."Bamboo fibre is softer than cotton and compared to the soft texture of pure cashmere and silk. So we should use the fibre

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» The second day of the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week (شنبه ۰۲ اسفند ۱۳۹۹ | ۰۹:۱۱)
» What’s not to love!" Dongre completely agrees and concludes (شنبه ۱۸ بهمن ۱۳۹۹ | ۰۷:۱۵)
» The former RJD MP was escorted out of Beur central jail (جمعه ۲۶ دی ۱۳۹۹ | ۰۸:۳۳)
» The bio agent Bamboo kun in the fibre keeps bacteria away (سه شنبه ۰۹ دی ۱۳۹۹ | ۰۸:۳۲)

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